American Stonehenge
April 2004


In southern New Hampshire I stumbled onto a place that was apparently developed by natives to help them demarcate and celebrate astronomical and calendar events.  From a central vantage point, lines and markers have been laid out demonstrate comprehension of a variety of astronomical cycles.

These photos only scratch the surface.  While the meaning of many of the structures isn't entirely clear, they were likely used as some sort of dwellings or places for rituals.

This structure looked like it really could have been used as some sot of living or cooler storage space.
The purpose of this structure seemed less clear.  But it does look like it may well have been used for living even if other living spaces of larger size and less lasting materials were close by.
This structure appears to be located where the central focus of the layout
used to be located many centuries ago.
It seems pretty much impossible to know what this passage was used for.
But it seems to have likely housed some sort of spaces relating to rituals near to the focal point.
This terminated passage was also very close to the focal point of the site.