Curwood Castle
Owosso, Michigan
June 2007


James Oliver Curwood was an author.  He is typically grouped with Zane Grey and Jack London.  He wrote outdoor adventures, mostly placed in the Canadian north.

Reliable sources claim that he wrote 33 novels and a large number of short stories.  These sources also stated that he had 21 movies based on his writing.

At some point he had enough money to build a place to write and entertain that was away from his home.  The pictures of the exterior of the castle do not really show the offices in the turret or the fairly large area for gatherings in the main part of the building.

I was surprised at how small the offices were in the turret on the right.  The main secretary's office was just off the main great room.  Above this office there were two more levels, each containing a single office.

The main great room had quite a bit of memorabilia.  It also contained original paintings that were the basis of the covers of several of his books.

I was also surprised at how small the single bathroom was.  It was also directly adjacent to the main great room.  I do not think I would have liked attending a large function at this castle due to certain functional impracticalities.  Yet overall, it really was quite beautiful and impressive.