Coeur D'Alene, Idaho
July 2006


While living in Montana I've heard that Coeur D'Alene is one of the most beautiful places in this area.  They also have a big lake.

I also ran into a brochure for a place called Wolf People.  They have a website at

So I took a two day trip up in mid-July.

The truth is I was quite disappointed.  The Wolf People pace was friendly but not as developed as I'd hoped.  I was also somewhat disappointed in how they are caring for their wolves and the expertise they exaggerate somewhat.

But, all in all I enjoyed the trip.

They have a resort on the lake that is really quite impressive.


This is a photo that focuses on the hotel.

This next photo focuses on the marina.


They also have lake cruises.
Unfortunately, these cruises didn't match well with my schedule
so I didn't take one.

I did walk down their main street which was named Sherman.

They had some great shops of artwork.

  The following shot is of a sidewalk.
The last photo is of a fountain.
It is based on a raincoat
holding an umbrella.
Though, hopefully you can tell no one is in the raincoat
or holding the umbrella.

Unfortunately, the light wasn't very good for this shot.