Devil's Tower - Wyoming
Photos taken in the rain in August 2005


It really is quite a show to see this promontory as you approach.
I was unsure whether I should drive the extra couple hours out of the way before I went.
Now, I'm very glad I took the time to loop around and see this.
It also turned out the loop was quite easy and shorter than I thought it would be.
  Even in the poor light and rain, the striations on the sides are apparent.
These "ridges" are apparently 6, 7 or 8 sided!
The geologists seem to agree that this promontory was actually
developed by lava filling into a tube within a volcano.
They also appear to agree that this promontory was actually
about 1.5 miles below the earth's surface when it was formed.
It's an amazing bit of erosion to take away that much other material and have this protrude!