Some Photos
of the
Mill Creek Park
June 2007



Just east of Mackinac City there is a small park that has
nature trails, a small museum, and some exhibitions
relating to saw mills in previous centuries.
At one place they gave some demonstrations of using hand saws.

The wood needed to be raised off the ground in order to use such large saws.  These saws were often used by two people at the same time.

Most of the pictures I have are of the mill itself and its different parts.
This is what the sawing mechanism looked like from inside.
Notice it has several components/aspects working together.
This aspect of the sawing shows how the lumber was slowly ratcheted forwards as the saw ran.
Using this trough the water flowed into the mill from a pool a little ways away.
The water is dropped from this trough to power the saws mechanisms.
Notice there are two main sets of paddles that water moves.
One set powers the movement of the saw (the broader paddles).
The other powers the movements of the lumber (the circular wheel).
Finally, this is a photo of the track which can be used
to move things such as the wood/lumber to and from the mill.