Some Photos taken at some National Parks and Monuments
They call them the "Badlands".  Apparently this was pretty much their name in several languages.  They appeared to be pretty difficult to navigate.  They also appeared to have very little water.
- August 2005
The Badlands
It's called "Craters of the Moon", but it really is a lava park.  It's located where two tectonic plates are pulling apart.  One gets to see the remnants of lava extrusions.
- May 2006
Craters of the Moon
North Flow
Indian Tunnel
Not far off the Interstate is a place called Devil's Tower.  It really is quite formidable!
- August 2005
Devil's Tower
I took a weekend trip up to Glacier National Park in late September.  There was snow at the highest elevations and they were about to close certain parts due to the coming winter.  I went through the West Glacier Entrance.
- September 2005

I took another weekend trip up to Glacier National Park in June.  Logan Pass was still not open, but mostly due to construction.  I drove around the south and went to an East entrance at Two Medicine.
- June 2006

Appistoki Falls
Avalanche Lake
Eagle Sculpture
Lake McDonald
Logan Pass
Logan Pass Climb

Running Eagle Falls
These are spectacular.  Near Jackson Wyoming, just south of Yellowstone.  These photos are just of the National Park.
- May 2006
Grand Tetons
Grand Tetons
Who really knows what Crazy Horse was like?  Should the monument be to just one person?  I'd prefer a monument to all the dead laying in the lands where Crazy Horse is pointing.
- August 2005
Mount Crazy Horse
Really quite impressive in an overstated sort of way.  It does seem nice to demonstrate respect for people of intellect and some character.
- August 2005
Mount Rushmore
Yellowstone was a totally fascinating and  interesting location.  The unusual variations of nature in this small area were astounding.
- August 2005
Kepler Cascade
Mammoth Hot Springs
Old Faithful
Yellowstone Canyon